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There is an ancient spiritual adage, "When the student is ready, the teacher appears." I teach Law of Attraction from a spiritual perspective. Without the connection to Consciousness - Source - AllThatIs, it just doesn't make any sense. There is no fluffy bunny - "just feel good" thinking here; everything I give you is grounded in science or the oldest spiritual wisdom, or both. Information here is practical, usable and will deepen your understanding, and consequently, give you better and better results.

Spiritual Politics

By Lorna Levy

Applying a spiritual outlook to all the craziness in the world. politics donkey

Who is watching the news and feeling stressed? Who is feeling dismayed by the way the election is going? I want to talk today about our political scene. We are living in interesting times. So I want to talk about how to live from spiritual principles no matter what’s going on. It’s not easy to stay centered sometimes. And we can easily get triggered. I came up with 9 points I think are important to remember.

1. Come back to the field Rumi, the 13th century poet, said – out beyond all ideas of right doing and wrong doing, there is a field. I will meet you there. My intention is to stand in that field with you. This is the field of spirit, God, love, peace, power, joy and beauty. My intention is also to call you back to that field of peace when you are feeling scattered and frazzled and to give you ways to stay there no matter what turmoil is going on around you.

We’re in the midst, or rather, we’re at the end of campaign season. And it’s been cantankerous. Candidates have a hard time standing in that field; there’s a lot of argument, and us against them thinking, and when we witness that, we feel uncomfortable. We feel seduced in the sense that we are pulled in when we don’t want to be, and we are pulled into the field of duality, separation, looking for right and wrong, rather than harmony.

This talk is to pull us into standing into a bigger field and casting our vote in peace, seeing a wider perspective and spiritual truth.


2. Honor all candidates

The second statement in Centers for Spiritual Living’s Declaration of Principles says “We believe in the individualization of the Spirit in Us, and that all people are individualizations of the One Spirit.” As I was reading this for the umpteenth time, it occurred to me that the first two declarations are the first two steps of treatment. The first says, essentially, we believe God is all there is, and the second says, and we, too, are God. So I want to remind you – we believe ALL people are the individualizations of Spirt. Even the candidates, the one we love and the one we hate.

When one or the other candidate gets under your skin with something they’ve said, try to see them with the eyes of God – because your eyes are the eyes of God, too. See them as unique expressions of God, see them as flawed personalities, as we all are, but as having the best intentions. Whether or not you agree with them, try to see each of them as good people with good intentions, doing what they think is best for us.


3. Open the door to harmony – close the door to hatred – remember we teach oneness

If we are all God, each one an individual and unique expression of God, then there is no us and them. We teach Oneness – it is one of our highest values. It’s all God – so how can we be against any part of it? Or anybody? I want to urge you to look for places of harmony. Look for similarities and places of agreement. If it’s all God, we cannot hate any part of it. We can’t even see a part of it as separate from ourselves. We are all one and we are all in this together.

We have to try not to be in judgment because that’s a separator. Yes, we see differences and we acknowledge them, but we don’t judge them as good or bad. Let’s not give labels to people or to actions. We don’t want to say, “Oh, you’re a this or a that.” Labels make us think we know more than we do. As soon as we assign a label to someone, we think we understand everything about what that label says, and we stop being open. We stop listening. And we stop learning. We each are complex individuals; we are nuanced and thoughtful. Let’s give each person the same consideration we would want them to give us.


4. We believe in complete freedom from discord

When things upset us – we react. That’s natural and that’s human. We react because we get in that fearful place that someone can do something to us – we may believe that about a candidate. We react because we feel fearful or uncertain, we feel insecure or untethered, not knowing what’s coming, and we react because we believe whatever is coming, is going to be wrong, or painful, or uncomfortable.

That’s human. But how can we rise above our humanness and express ourselves as the spiritual beings that we are?

It does not serve us to believe the negative. When we believe the worst, we are seeing ourselves as helpless, as victims. The truth is neither of the candidates can ever do anything to me that I could never recover from. We lose our power if we think that. We have to trust life, and we have to trust the goodness of life – that is what we are about.

Our Declaration of Principles says, “We believe the ultimate goal of life to be a complete freedom from all discord of every nature, and that this goal is sure to be attained by all.” If the goal of life is “freedom from all discord of every nature”, as our Declaration of Principles tells us, then lets try to find that freedom now. Being upset is discord. Reaction is discord. How can we move toward finding this freedom from all discord?

  • We can stand more in our power and distance ourselves from the situation – the outcome is going to be the outcome whether we get angry or not
  • We can remember ourselves as spiritual beings and not let ourselves be pulled into pettiness.
  • We can remember the “other” is a spiritual being too, whether that other is someone we are arguing with who disagrees with us, or one of the candidates, and we can give them the benefit of the doubt; see them through the eyes of love
  • We can do treatment that it all works out to the highest and best for all
  • And we can trust in treatment – I don’t think most of us do. A lot of us may do treatment, but I’m not sure we trust that treatment works.

As we grow more spiritually, we become less reactive; we become the observer – the witness. And we see the truth of ourselves as untouched by the pettiness of the world.


5. Allow others to disagree with you

Many Centers, from time to time, do a class on the 4 Agreements. That’s a book by don Miguel Ruiz. The second of the 4 agreements is to take nothing personally. Everyone is caught up in their own stuff. It’s not about you. Everyone sees through the veil of their own beliefs and experiences. Their interpretation is unique to them. Everyone – except us in Science of Mind of course, is usually acting unconsciously through unexamined ideas of victimhood. Also, remember people grow at their own rate. Not everyone is at the same level of awareness that you are.

So, when someone disagrees with you, don’t take anything personally. It is not directed to you; realize it is merely a reflection of their consciousness. Let that be OK. When someone disagrees with you, be grateful for that glimpse into who they are and how they think. You don’t need to try to change them – just let them be.

We don’t all have to agree – the world would be very boring if there were no dissenting opinions.

Don’t try to change another’s opinion. They are as entitled to their ideas as you are to yours. As individual, unique expressions of The One, we EACH have free will. So we can think our own thoughts and come to our own conclusions. And it’s OK. A lot of times, we want people to agree with us because we want verification that our opinion is right. And that’s OK.

That’s our ego wanting to be recognized; we want to know we are part of the group on the right side – whatever side that is. The third of the four agreements is to make no assumptions. If someone doesn’t agree with you, don’t assume it’s because you are wrong. Don’t assume it’s because they’re crazy and it’s your job to straighten them out.  Just recognize God gave them free will as spiritual beings to think whatever they want, just as we have.

But if it’s important to you to be right, listen for places of harmony and agreement. Or just hang out with people who think like you.


6. Be informed

Everything that is happening is a reflection of the collective consciousness of the planet and we have contributed to it. Each of us has to be aware of the contents of our consciousness. To allow ourselves to get to the field beyond right and wrong, we need to recognize that our brains see what we already agree with and expect. We don’t see opposing points of view because we have our minds made up. We see what we expect to see.

Because we don’t expect it, we may miss a moment of brilliance or particular clarity from the candidate we don’t support. If we allow ourselves to open our minds up and see the whole picture, all issues, all viewpoints, we’ll have a better handle on the issues and positions of the candidates.

Read more, or listen or watch more, than just mainstream news sources. Don’t get all your information from one source. There may be bias in that source that you are unaware of. Disempowering beliefs can cause us to be so charged up. Yet we have no way of knowing if our media is giving us the full picture.

Be open to different points of view, most of them are more neutral than mainstream media. At the very least, they have a different perspective on what’s going on. I have to remember that no matter how much I think I know, I can always learn more. I can be given new insight or see things through another’s eyes. A few days ago I was reading about the last debate on BBC news – that’s British news, and I found it to be a refreshing point of view. Today with the Internet, it’s easy to get news from an array of sources and we get to see what other’s think. It can only broaden us. So I urge you to go beyond the usual media outlets.


7. Make your choices from a spiritual perspective.

Consider your values and incorporate them in your choices. Take a minute and reflect on:

What are your values?

Do you include others in your values?

What do you value about America?

What is best for the planet?

Some of my values are respect for all people. Fair treatment – in terms of taxes, property ownership, fair policing, available jobs for all, etc. In my mind, we cant discriminate against another group because they come from another country – everyone in America came from another country – we are all immigrants, some willingly and some by force. Unless we are Native American, or First Nations, and I don’t think many of us are.

Some of the things I value about this country are our freedom of speech and our freedom to protest the things we think are unjust.

Our Declaration of Principles goes on to say, “We believe in the direct revelation of truth through our intuitive and spiritual nature, and that anyone may become a revealer of truth who lives in close contact with the indwelling God.” If any of you are still undecided, I invite you to go within and meditate on it. Ask yourself which candidate will bring the greatest good to the greatest number of people? And then listen for the answer. Let Spirit guide you.


8.  Ernest Holmes said he would love to see us be for something and against nothing.

Most of the time, in this election, it feels like we are more focused on being against something than for something. I asked a friend who he was voting for, and he said, “Well, I’m voting against this one.”

In Science Of Mind, we believe that law of attraction attracts more of the same. If we believe the other candidate is wrong and how bad they are, how irresponsible, how stupid, etc – we will cast a vote for someone who we perceive is NOT those things, but we will just attract to us more of the same.

It is being reactionary – if I am going to vote this way because the other way is bad – we keep creating bad and horrible because that is what we are focused on. You draw it to you. We all know the cliché, “What you resist, persists,” and “What you push against, gets stronger.”

I urge you to vote FOR the best candidate. Look in your heart, find your connection to God, and – seeing that candidate through the eyes of God, look for the highest and best in them. Find something to appreciate in that person. See the good in them, and see them acting from their highest motives.

Add your prayers to theirs for the best outcome for all. But don’t vote to vote against the other person. Vote for the good in the candidate you select. Vote for them because they are the best option. And then be willing to support the candidate you select for the next four years – with your prayers, your vision, your knowing they are doing their absolute best and operating from the highest possible motives.  


9. Be non-attached to the outcome of the election.

I said earlier – nothing can touch me, that either candidate can do, that is lasting. The most powerful stance we can take is that God is our power  -  and we remain calm, peaceful, neutral and empowered.

Our Declaration of Principles says, “We believe that heaven is within us, and that we experience it to the degree that we become conscious of it.” It doesn’t say , “we experience heaven according to who is in office.”

We have to become conscious of that center of peace that we carry within us. Marianne Williamson, the famous Unity minister, says – “how dare we refuse to plug in and then scream and moan and cry about how dark it is. We often don’t take the time to plug in. But when we do take time to plug in, we feel security and can never be reactionary.” And by plug-in, she means connect with Spirit.

Ernest Holmes said “ True power is the security of God as our source, that no matter what, we are able to meet the challenges of the day”. “Security is not the absence of danger but the presence of God no matter what the danger.”

I want to leave you with 3 Actions of power –

meditate every day,

do treatment every day,

and take time to go within and listen for the truth everyday.


And see God in everyone. Every Day. Because it is all unfolding in Divine Right Order And So It Is!



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