Finally! Spiritual Liberation – The Course

For all those who want to understand what it truly means to reveal their authentic self, deepen their spirituality and trust in the Infinite . . .

Offered for the first time ever!

Spiritual Liberation – The Course

An 8 week course based on the book:

Spiritual Liberation by Michael Bernard Beckwith
(Star of The Secret movie)

Offered Online for the First Time

Are you ready for Spiritual Awakening?

Now is the time to consciously enter into the spiritual awakening we are now experiencing. This is the perfect course to start the year 2012. And to start the rest of your life!

Jeff Harvey says:
“Michael Beckwith takes the concepts hinted at in The Secret and explains them more extensively, making them easier to understand and apply. And Rev. Lorna showed me how to actually live from an awakened state. Boy, has my life changed! Thanks, Lorna!”

Now, For the First Time Online!

Good Morning –

I’ve never been so excited about offering a class before. This class is based on Michael Beckwith’s deep, rich and profound book on practical spirituality. It was a best-seller on Amazon when it came out. Yet up until now, no one had created a course on it and no one was teaching it. Reading a book on your own can be enlightening, but reading, discussing and practicing with others who are where you are on the same path is transformational.

When I read the book, I knew immediately that I HAD to teach it. There is so much wisdom, guidance and direction here that wants to express more fully through you into the world.

What is Spiritual Liberation, anyway?

Spiritual Liberation is awakening to that ineffable, unchangeable, constant Center of you that is the eternal Truth of you. Finding this connection will guide you, answer your questions, open you to express your purpose, and let you become happier, more calm, more loving and more peaceful.

This course addresses some of the most fundamental questions about the process of revealing your authentic self. We wrestle with the big ones. In Dr. Beckwith’s words:

  • What is the nature of this great something we call God and what is our relationship to it?
  • What are the laws governing the universe and how may we apply them in the earthly matters of life?
  • What does it mean to become enlightened?
  • What are the characteristics of a spiritually evolved person?
  • What is spiritual discernment and how can we recognize it?

Why should you take this class? What will you gain from taking this class?

So many benefits that I hardly know where to stop listing them all . . .

  1. Become free from fear, doubt, worry and lack and come into the awareness of who you really are. – your own personal power
  2. Living from a conscious awareness of your TRUE nature brings you wholeness, health and prosperity
  3. Know the relief, joy and peace of mind that comes from waking up – and have that feeling stay with you always
  4. Develop insights into your own true nature and purpose and how to manifest that into the world
  5. Reveal the patterns of thought that are ‘running’ you on automatic, change them and take dominion over your life
  6. Be at choice in your life rather than in blind repetition
  7. Align with your inherent luminosity – your inner light – and have your problems dissolve in the light of spiritual understanding
  8. Begin to live the 7 qualities of an evolved life
  9. Understand why affirmation is not the same as embodiment of spiritual principles
  10. Lean into your inner Self with confidence so you can handle what life gives you
  11. Breaking free of the illusion of separation into a conscious realization of your limitless power

It is deep and rich and I could go on and on. Or you could sign-up and join us and experience the expansion of your soul into its natural state of limitless possibility. (I know that sounds exaggerated, but, I promise you, it isn’t!)

“Spiritual Evolution should make the Divine not more distant; but more intimate.”
Ernest Holmes

This course teaches the universal principles, cosmic laws, meditation, prayer and visioning techniques that have been practiced by spiritual seekers for thousands of years. These teachings are the golden thread that runs through every religion and every faith. These are the same spiritual principles taught by the Master Teachers like Jesus, Lao Tsu, Buddha and Krishna.

Who is Michael Beckwith?

These are the same Ancient Wisdom-New Thought principles that have let Michael Beckwith build the world’s largest new thought spiritual center with members such as  Muhammad Ali’s daughter Laila, Quincy Jones III, Keenan Ivory Wayans, LeVar Burton, Vanessa Williams, Stevie Wonder, Vondie Curtis-Hall, Christina Applegate,  Hilary Swank, Past Gov. Jesse Ventura, Jasmine Guy, Carl Anderson, Ben Vereen,, Freda Payne, Macy Gray,  John Legend, Will.I.Am, and Madonna’s backup singer, Niki Haris, To name just  a few of the members.

In a very short time, Michael Beckwith grew the Agape International Spiritual Center from 27 people meeting in a living room, to a spiritual center having 3 services each Sunday and over 7,000 members. He did it by teaching spiritual principles in a clear and simple way.

I have created a course based on Spiritual Liberation that is a must-have if you are serious about your spiritual growth. I have taken Michael Beckwith’s best seller and created an eight week course for spiritual growth from it. There is no dogma nor anything about church or religion. There is only spiritual truth and spiritual principles based in ancient wisdom and how to live them.

About Lorna

I am Lorna Levy, known online as The Law of Attraction Teacher™. I am also minister with the Centers for Spiritual Living in Philadelphia, Pa.

I have studied in the same Ancient Wisdom – New Thought tradition, and with many of the same teachers,
as Dr. Michael Beckwith for over 20 years, and because of that I am in a unique position to present his spiritual teachings to a wider audience.

I’ve been teaching these same principles online and in person since 2003, and I love teaching! You can read some of what they say about me below.

My mission and my passion is reminding folks about their innate, but hidden, spiritual power and show them how to reveal and use this power in the same ways that I’ve learned. Living from an awareness of our spiritual connection is empowering and freeing. Our lives change for the better and we become WHO WE REALLY ARE. We walk in the light of blessings, with personal power and a peaceful spirit. Can you image how good it would feel to have this for yourself?

I know, before I learned these principles, my heart yearned for them. I always felt a longing to know God or to have a direct revelation of Spirit. I wanted to know if God knew me or was there for me. I wondered if God heard my prayers or cared about me in any way. Have you ever felt these things?

After I learned these principles and how to live in Spirit, from Spirit, and with a consciousness of Spirit, my life changed in indescribable ways. I found my spiritual life purpose and begin to live it every day.

Here is what they are saying about Rev. Lorna’s teaching:

  • Lorna has a clear grasp of spiritual principles along with an ability to explain it clearly in a way that is understandable by anyone. Rev. Jackie
  • She applies spiritual principle to the experiences of daily life in a way that is accessible to everyone. She teaches a practical spirituality very suitable to the fast pace of life in today’s world. Lorna is quite intelligent and spiritually knowledgeable. In addition, she loves the work! Mary F.
  • Every class is powerful and enriching. I learn so much, that I rarely miss one, You can tell that her heart is in to helping people. She is truly a gifted teacher.
  • Through Lorna’s teachings, I have dramatically changed the way I view life events.  I am not the same person.  My way of thinking and looking at life situations are so positive now.
  • Lorna has shown a very caring style of leadership which has fostered growth in my metaphysical journey by providing insightful metaphysical questions and discussions. Even more impressive has been her balanced approach to aiding other members of the group in their spiritual path through introducing thought-provoking questions and exercises in the group, which always seem to induce others to bring out the power within.  I definitely have gained a great spiritual ally and friend in her, and find my personal life and career as a metaphysical teacher enriched by knowing her. Adeeb
  • Lorna has a great teaching style. She prepares well for each class and keeps us on topic. However, she will let everyone speak. If from those discussions a new topic should arise, Lorna is flexible enough to go with the new topic. Lorna is a wonderful teacher.  Partha
  • I don’t even know if Lorna knows just how pivotal she has been in my turning things around for the better but until the day I die I will say that Lorna Levy helped me to save myself from so many wrong ways of thinking and false beliefs.
  • Lorna really cares and so she has taken time to address topics to the group in a way that amazes me. Lorna has also personally taken time to write to me when I needed help.  After a while of reading her wisdom and seeking to test and apply it in my own life, I was able to turn my life around for the better. Tirra

Here is some of what others are saying about their experiences just with reading the book . . .

  • Spiritual Awakening – I intuitively know that this is my soul goal.  The connection with the divine in me needs “refreshing” from time to time, lest I nod off.  The trick is to continue the awakening as a deliberate, conscious intention rather than from a trip and a fall (I’ve heard it called a 2×4 to the head – wake up!!!).
  • vrfish wrote:
    I have read Tolle, Ernest Holmes, Troward, Emma Curtis Hopkins, Joel Goldsmith, Howard Thurman, OSHO, the bible, Lao Tzu, the Gita, Pema Chodron, Robert Thurman, Course in Miracles, + .

    This book is THE NEW TEXTBOOK on spiritual principle written in today’s vernacular to the NOW consciousness that has awakened through out the planet. Spiritual principle doesn’t change, Michael is writing about ancient wisdom to today’s audience. The message is LOVE always, gently reminding us that it is our inner work that creates what we see in our “exterior life.” Different than Tolle in that Michael stays in absolute principle while giving very practical tools to use in spiritual practice. It’s like the Tao Te Ching and Confucius-ism combined!
    This book stands the test of time.

  • Jennifer says: I’ve never found a better spiritual teacher – I’ve heard SO many of them and Reverend Dr. Michael Beckwith has truly gifted us with his clarity and insights. Buy this book, study it, celebrate yourself and thank God for everyone that had a hand in putting this book into YOUR hand! No kidding – I really mean it!
  • Troy says: The value I have received from this book is priceless. The affirmations at the end of each chapter are powerful and easy to remember so I can recite them throughout the day. Beckwith’s distinctions were clear and understandable so I was able to process the information right away. I know the results I will produce as a result of this book will be nothing less than phenomenal! Spiritual Liberation is a must read for anyone who’s really committed to loving themselves from the inside out. This book is a page turner and I found myself becoming more and more liberated with each turn of the page. It’s true…freedom is an inside job!
  • Eric says: It really doesn’t matter if you’re new to this kind of material or you’ve spent your life’s journey discovering how to dive deeper into the great understanding of what it really means to be awake in life, this book DELIVERS and offers something for everyone. And that’s truly the gift of Michael Beckwith…his words, weather spoken or written, make you feel as if he’s speaking directly to you.

Imagine how much deeper your experience will be to learn these principles with others – where you can discuss them, ask your questions and see how to actually apply them to YOUR life!


This is an 8 week teleclass. We meet weekly, on the telephone, to discuss, deepen and practice becoming in more spiritual integrity. Each class is an hour to an hour and a half. There are handouts and worksheets provided. At the end of the 8 weeks, we will be:

1.      More aligned with our spiritual truths

2.      On our path to expressing our purpose in the world

3.      Aware of and easily able to access our personal connection to Spirit whenever we want

4.      Recognizing ourselves as the beings of light that we really are and living in the courage and confidence that brings

5.      Dropping fear, worry, victimhood and stress from our lives and experiencing more joy, more often

The classes are fun! The group always comes together and bonds in an amazing, uplifting way. We learn practical techniques for making life even better. Exploring the class materials opens up a whole new world of personal power. It is great to be with a group of like-minded people. Discussions are always lively and interesting. I love my life and doing classes is a big reason why. Joining a class is a valuable gift to yourself.


  • An excitement about your spiritual growth
  • Your desire to deepen, expand, and experience Spirit
  • Your willingness to join the discussions and offer your point of view, and
  • You must buy and read the book along with the class.
    (Spiritual Liberation is available from as low as $3.99)

What’s included:

  • 8 teleclasses
  • Access to all recordings to listen to again
  • Handouts
  • Worksheets
  • Deepening exercises
  • Email access to Rev. Lorna to ask all your questions
  • Set of 18 affirmation cards to keep with you

All classes are held on the telephone and are recorded, so that if your schedule changes, or something unexpected arises, you will never miss anything.

11 Reasons Why You Should Take This Course:

  1. Release your bondage to fear, anxiety, stress and worry
  2. Take the exciting inner journey to your authenticity
  3. Become a master of spiritual law
  4. Deep, rich and expansive teachings that will stay with you always
  5. See your authentic face and know yourself
  6. Embodiments and affirmations on mp3 to take with you
  7. Discounted price offered to the early birds
  8. Reclaim your personal power by taking responsibility for your life
  9. Become awakened to the Real, not the merely realistic. The Real is eternal, intangible.
  10. Develop spiritual discernment – a direct, intuitive perception of the Real.
  11. Release your false beliefs of inadequacy and revel in self-love, self-respect, and self-acceptance.

Sign up quickly!

Early –bird pricing of just $297 is only good for the first 21 people to register. After that the price increases to $350. If you are interested, sign up quickly and be one of the first 21. There is a two pay option to make it easier, if that helps you decide.

Consider this course an investment in You: in your consciousness, your growth, your awareness. This is the stuff they never taught you in school. And this is the stuff you have to know to be happy, fulfilled and at peace in this chaotic, fast-moving world.


To ease your mind and make this a total no-brainer, I’m offering you a total money back, no questions asked, for any reason whatever, guarantee if you let me know before the second class that you don’t think this class is for you. No questions asked.


I’m not offering a lot of irrelevant bonuses just to entice you; I don’t believe in that. I’m including bonuses from the same spiritual path that will take your learning deeper on these same spiritual principles.

  1. A flash drive of audio, mp3 Embodiments from the book is (snail) mailed to you for you to play anywhere! This is priceless in itself. The Embodiments are the prayers and affirmations that take you deeper into the Truth of Yourself.
  2. As A Woman Thinketh, James Allen’s classic work, updated for today’s woman
  3. Beginner’s Guide to Meditation  – an ebook covering all aspects of meditation

This class will not be offered again this year!

Earlybird price $297

just for the first 21 who sign up!

Then the price increases.

Course begins February,  2012.

Signup here $297

2 pay option: $160 now and $160 in 28 days

With Brightest Blessings,

P.S. If you are feeling the inner calling, that is your intuition telling you this is right for you at this time. Make the decision now so you get in at the early bird price. Remember, if you are unhappy in any way, you can always withdraw from the course any time before the second class.

P.P.S. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have. Friend me on Facebook and we can correspond.

P.P.P.S. We begin the first week of February and early signup is just for the first 21 people. Don’t wait until the price increases. Authentic living is powerful. And it is what everyone wants, but most don’t realize it. You are blessed to have the opportunity to be included in this ground-breaking class!

More of what Lorna’s students are saying:

  • The information you have sent is really fantastic, beautifully presented, inspiring and very practical too.  Thank you so much, you are sharing such a lovely gift   Helen
  • This advice comes to me at THE most perfect time in my life!
  • THANK YOU SO MUCH…..:) Blessings, Janet
  • Big *SMILES* this is why I was so happy to write this letter for you. You really have no idea the gift you gave to me through sharing. You helped me to get free on so many levels. So consider the letter one big huge thank you!!!!  (((HUGS))) Tyra
  • Cassandra wrote:
    “I appreciate your work and am helped by it :-)
  • i hope that you are well. you have been on my mind lately. i want to tell you that i appreciate what you have done for me. so much of what you have shared i have remembered and applied to my life and i am better for it.
  • I like your summary because it is dead on point…even helpful in reinforcing what I learned. There were so many times that I stood in awe at how easy it all was!! Terry
  • I love your answer about those seemingly contradictory assertions about swift manifestation.  You do such a great job.  John

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