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There is an ancient spiritual adage, "When the student is ready, the teacher appears." I teach Law of Attraction from a spiritual perspective. Without the connection to Consciousness - Source - AllThatIs, it just doesn't make any sense. There is no fluffy bunny - "just feel good" thinking here; everything I give you is grounded in science or the oldest spiritual wisdom, or both. Information here is practical, usable and will deepen your understanding, and consequently, give you better and better results.

Continual, Deliberate, Positive Creation: the Technique


As you are moving through your day, participating in the wide variety of activities which make up your physical experience – BE SENSITIVE TO THE WAY THAT YOU ARE FEELING. As long as you are feeling positive emotion, know that you are creating toward those things [...]

50 Natural Highs for Law of Attraction

This is a list of 50 things you can use to get you into the Vortex of Attraction. When you feel good, you are attracting everything that makes you feel good. Use these to shift your mood and raise you up.

1. Falling in love.

2. Laughing so hard [...]

LoA: Is Celibacy the Answer?

I was out having dinner with four other women a few evenings ago and the conversation turned, as it usually does, to men. One of us was in a committed relationship, two of us were ‘looking’, and one said she was celibate.

We asked her why she was “now practicing celibacy,” as she put it. [...]

Winter Solstice: a Law of Attraction Holiday?

Winter Solstice is the celebration of the return of the light. It seems like a perfect time to celebrate our return to our awareness of Spiritual Connection. [...]

New Year’s Resolutions from Seth

New Year’s Resolutions Given by Seth to Jane & Rob on New Year’s Day, 1979

“Now: I wish you a Merry New Year, into which I hope you manage to insert a touch of light-heartedness now and then.

“Now if I were you two, making a list of resolutions, my list would include feelings [...]

An Indirect Rant on Gratitude

It is almost Thanksgiving here is in the US. This can be a difficult holiday for many people. Some folks don’t want to be forced to be happy and grateful if they are feeling crummy. And they shouldn’t have to. Yet, at the same time, law of attraction is big on gratitude, telling us that [...]

Are You Going to Leave that There?

By: Faith Welch Guest blogger

We’ve all heard Abe say, “When contrast hits, distract yourself.” Absolutely, you must do whatever you can to get relief. However, what gets missed sometimes in Abe’s message is the part that says your set point on any subject stays right where you left it. So, yes, distracted for [...]

Hug and Run: Dealing with Difficult People

Question: Rockie asks: The people in my family like to complain. Any time we get together, it is almost a contest to see who’s got it worse. Its either their illnesses, or the economy or their kids. I don’t want to hear this anymore, but I can’t not be there when we get together. Can [...]

Can Law of Attraction Help Me With My Hair Loss?

Kia asks:  My hair loss really concerns me as I am a woman of 34. I understand that everything comes to us by law of attraction. I have been told before that I should ask my own self what to do. How should I do this and how can law of attraction help me stop [...]

Can’t ‘Activate’ Law of Attraction?

I’m kinda bemused at the posts saying “I haven’t been able to activate the law of attraction”. The first principle of the law of attraction is that it is always working, always. Everything in your life now is there by the law of attraction, and everything you are or are not getting now is by the [...]

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