law of attraction

What We’re About

There is an ancient spiritual adage, "When the student is ready, the teacher appears." I teach Law of Attraction from a spiritual perspective. Without the connection to Consciousness - Source - AllThatIs, it just doesn't make any sense. There is no fluffy bunny - "just feel good" thinking here; everything I give you is grounded in science or the oldest spiritual wisdom, or both. Information here is practical, usable and will deepen your understanding, and consequently, give you better and better results.


Lorna’s Bio

I have been searching for answers to the BIG questions ever since I was a little girl –the questions like, “Why are we here?” and “Why does God allow pain and suffering?” and “Why doesn’t he answer prayers?” and then, “Does he even exist anyway?”

I knew the answers didn’t lie in religion. At age 10, I discovered some of the answers were in metaphysics. I found that mysticism and parapsychology gave me some answers and even more questions. Then in high school, I ‘discovered’ quantum physics and I knew then, my life’s work would be to understand time and space and life on earth as we know it. But I still wasn’t sure how or where to find the answers.

I studied everything related and even remotely related to the things I wanted to understand. My detailed vita is here. I searched around and went to 5 colleges before I finally got an undergrad degree. I never could decide what I wanted to be when I grew up. In Paris, I learned that Buddha was a black man, and possibly Confucius was, too. I learned that the Ten Commandments were based on the Egyptian 42 Principles of Ma’at, and I wondered why no one ever told me this before. What other knowledge was religion hiding from me?

It was when I was in college in New York City that I first found the Seth books (by Jane Roberts) and I knew instantly, I had found the TRUTH. I read them all and searched for people to discuss them with. Through Seth, I found Science of Mind and a whole community of people who thought and believed what I believed  – that we are made in the image of God in our creative abilities and that we create our reality – absolutely and completely at all times.

My intellectual knowledge of how this all worked was deep, but I wanted to LIVE it more and more consciously. I wanted to create MY reality for real on a daily basis – not just in principle. My asking – and everyone else’s – brought Abraham ( to speak to us. Friends gave me an Abe tape in early 2000 and my life has never been the same.

Abraham brings it all together for me. They show me how to LIVE it. Through Abe, I have found my life’s purpose. My purpose is to Awaken People to Their Spiritual Power within. (To awaken – remind – reveal – people to the divine within them.) To show people that there is a power for good in the universe and that they can use it to live a life of joy, prosperity, laughter, love and all good things.

A friend said to me one day when I was complaining about having to work for corporate America, “All you want to do is lay on your a** and read books!” and I realized he was right – sort of. I want to read books and then tell people what I’ve learned. Now, I’m doing it. I’m living my dream life and it only gets better and better. I want that for you, too.

P.S  For those who want to know more of the mundane: I got a graduate degree (MBA) from The Wharton School of Business, worked for over 25 years as a consultant to Fortune 100 businesses, live in an old Victorian house in an historic neighborhood in Philly, drive a Mercedes convertible (fun), wear my hair in dreads (authentic and freeing) and just finished studies to become a Spiritual Teacher with the Centers for Spiritual Living. More about me here.

I love my life.